Plane, train, car, and beyond.

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, family, and friends. For most of us, our fur friends are just as much our family as our blood relatives. It can be hard enough to pack up our selves to travel during this crazy season. Don’t fret, we are here to help! For those of you who are pet parents and traveling with your fur babies in the next coming weeks, we have rounded up some items to help make your life a lot easier. All you have to do is sit back in your cozy sweats, and we’ve got the rest covered.

Collapsible dog bowl

By land

There is no better feeling than being home after a long day or sleeping in your own bed after some time away. Help your cat feel more at home while traveling with this 2-in-1 snooze tunnel and mat. He can use it as a mat, or you can zipper it up to create, keeping him warm and making him feel safe and cozy.

Also great for traveling with your cat is the Fresh Step litter crystals in a 4lb bag. Light and compact, this cat litter is great for the on-the-go cat.

In case your dog is joining in on the road trip festivities, you won’t get far without this portable water bowl and collapsible feeding bowl, making pit stops that much less of a hassle. And because “click it or ticket” is a real thing, this pet booster seat will make sure your dog is safe in the car and being a law-abiding dog citizen.

Cat carrier

Air and sea

Whether you’re flying through the airport or jetting off on a cross-pond adventure, you don’t want to pull a Home Alone and forget anyone at home, most definitely not your fur baby. This astronaut pet carrier is the perfect way for your pooch to see what’s going on and for you make sure they are close at all times. Another great option is this peak pooch pet carrier that expands to give them a little more space during a long flight and trek across the ocean.

Calming pet spray

The travel must-haves 

Holidays can be stressful enough, let alone going to a new place or being around unfamiliar faces. Help your pet relax and enjoy all the belly rubs with this calming spray.

With these No Stink! I and Love and You dog treats, everyone is sure to enjoy holiday dinner more, especially when they can focus on the smells of the delicious food, and not your pup’s favorite treat!

Probiotics for dogs

I’ll be home for Chrismahanuakwanzaakuh

There is nothing worse than feeling sick or rundown for the holidays. While everyone is gathering around the table laughing and stuffing their faces, you are off in the corner with your box full of tissues. The holidays aren’t fun for our pups either when they aren’t feeling like themselves. Fidobiotics has a daily probiotic supplement that you can give your dog to make sure he is feeling his best for the holidays and beyond. Think Airborne, but for pets. And with a flavor like Cheeseburger Deluxe, your dog is sure to woof it down (pun most definitely intended).

Check out more holiday travel essentials for your pet here.

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