Flamingo floaties ahead...

Growing up, my sister and I always got jealous of our neighbors in the summer. Not just because they had a pool and we didn’t, but because they had an awesome, olympic-size swimming pool and NO POOL TOYS! OR ANYTHING! They had two deck chairs and that was it.

Granted, they were a couple that had no children, but still! A pool with no toys or floaties? What is the world coming to?!

Sure, the pool can be a great place to do some laps and get some exercise, but if you have a pool in your backyard but no pool toys, you are severely limiting what that pool is capable of. You could be the master of summer parties! You just need to pick up a few things first.

Inflatable Floats

Great for both games and relaxing, the inflatable pool float is a must have for any aquatic backyard engagement. We used to play a pool version of “king of the hill” which was basically a battle royale, but with a giant inflatable swan and some pool noodles. The games typically ended when my friend’s dad would pluck us off the float, lay down, and take a nap while we tried to flip him over. We couldn’t. He was huge. Needless to say, pool floaties are a great time. Like this Swimline Giant Flamingo Pool FloatIntex Canopy Island, or Swimline Ultimate Floating Lounger.

Noodles, Beach Balls, and Dive Rings

What good is a pool if you don’t have some pool toys? How are you supposed to blast people with an improvised foam noodle water cannon? It doesn’t make sense! Sure, swimming around is fun for a few minutes, but without pool noodles to splash with, rings to dive for, or balls to toss, the pool can quickly become a soggy bore. My neighbors had an amazing pool but no pool toys, and I never saw them use the pool for more than a half hour. Coincidence? Doubtful. Check out this Swimways 12329 Swim Noodles Pack of 35Emoji Universe: 12″ Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls, 12-Pack, or Poolmaster 72703 Dive Rings.

Water Pistols

In my twenty eight years on earth, I have only seen my grandmother get into the pool on one occasion, and that was during a water pistol fight. True, it did start out a little rocky. This is a woman who got mad when her $200 swimsuit got wet. But once she got a few zaps in with her own water pistol, it was like watching Katharine Hepburn turn into John Rambo. Point being, everyone loves water pistol fights. Everyone. Check out SwimWays Flood Force Stryker Water Shooter, this Power Core Water Soaker Blue, or the Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack.

Pool Safety

While not as fun as the other items on the list, it is the most important. Hosting events at your pool means that it is your responsibility to make sure everyone is safe. Thankfully, I don’t have an exciting anecdote about any of these items, but you can be sure they were in the background of all my other pool stories. Here are a few of the things every backyard pool need to be safe: Smartpool PoolEye Inground Pool Immersion Alarm with Remote Receiver, the Blue Wave Foam Pool Swim Ring Buoy, the Blue and White Swimming Pool Divider, and the Emergency Safety Hook.


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