Because edible cookie dough.

I consider my cheat day to be the best day of the week — doesn’t matter if it falls on a Monday, it is still easily the greatest day of them all.

If you don’t know what a cheat day is, you’re missing out. It is the idea is that you reward yourself after eating healthy for an extended period of time. Calories are made up on cheat days. Some consider cheat days to be a risky move as you can easily get back into old habits and fall off the wagon, but a cheat day from time to time is a great way to not deprive yourself of the things you really crave.

Everyone has a different idea of what their ideal cheat day looks like. Some people go on full-fledged eating benders for 24 hours while others just pick one meal to go all out. Some people go for a pizza, steak, and mac and cheese, while some go for cake, cookies and candy. The key is just to make sure you pick something really good and make your cheat day worth it. Whip out the sweatpants and go a little crazy.

I am personally a big fan of sweets; anything that contains sugar is right up my alley. A savory cheat day is pretty useless in my mind. My ideal cheat day would be eating every category of sugar-filled treats. Over the years I have handpicked a select group of treats that make my cheat actually worth it.

Cake in a Jar

Eat cake because its someone’s birthday somewhere

Since a cheat day is basically as great as your birthday, and that means there always needs to be cake.  Instead of being completely aggressive and getting an entire cake for myself, I go for Cake in a Jar. A few bites of cake in a portioned jar and you can totally leave room for the rest of the important treats.

Cookie Dough

Cookie dough – straight from the jar

I could literally eat a roll of raw cookie dough any day of the week. When I discovered this edible cookie dough, my life changed for the better. Grab a spoon and dunk into this delicious cookie dough.


The OG of cookies  

Cookies are always a must on cheat day. While freshly baked chocolate chips are great, there is nothing like a Mega Stuffed Oreo.  A big glass of cold milk and a few Oreos, you are set.

Peanut Butter Cups

Candy all the way

Candy is the final and arguably the most important treat category that can never be left off the list. While I enjoy all types of candy, I feel that cheat days call for a more decadent treat. I opt for Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups.

No matter what your cheat day is, make it worth it. Go big or go home and never look back. Just remember you’re back on your gym and veggie game the next day.

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