Sometimes you want to just go classic.

If you ask me, we don’t give people gifts often enough year round. Sure, there are the holidays and birthdays. But the holidays are almost too stressful to enjoy the gifting process and nobody cares about birthdays after age 21. I say, shower your loved ones during the ultimate day of love: Valentine’s Day. Plus, if you don’t have a S.O., this is a nice reminder that you still have people around you that you care about, like your mom, dad, pup, or sister.

I’d recommend staying true to the theme, and getting them gifts that are thoughtful, lovable, and kind. Here are a few people you may want to shop for, and some ideas to go along with them.


Moms, sisters, and friends

Chocolates and flowers

How well do you know your Mom? I know mine pretty well, so I will be getting her a cute pink sweater or thoughtful t-shirt that she wouldn’t necessarily buy herself. Just something that says, “Hi! I love you!” With mothers, it’s always the thought that counts. You also can’t go wrong with a yummy box of chocolates or a lovely bouquet of flowers. Who knows, your dad may have forgotten it was their 1,984,325th Valentine’s Day together, so in that case, you’ve got him covered too.

Jewelry & Trinkets

My mom only wears jewelry that people gave her, and it doesn’t have to be from Tiffany’s. (If it did, no one would ever get her anything.) Try a “love” themed necklace, or flower heart locket as a gesture of love, so that every time she wears it, she thinks of you. If you’re really classy, splurge on a flower ornament like this. It’s gorgeous, timeless, and she’ll have it out year round.


Boyfriend or girlfriend

Cologne or fragrance 

If you’re like me, there’s nothing hotter than someone who smells good. If you haven’t done this already, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to push a scent that you’re obsessed with onto your partner.



Nothing says “I love you, Dad” more than some fun socksMy dad hates shopping. Anytime I ask him what he wants for holidays/birthdays he tells me what he needs. So that’s what I do.



Seriously, other than maybe your parents and S.O., who do you love more than your dog? My dog, Donatello, is obsessed with Greenies. It’s gotten to the point where we can’t even say the name without his ears perking up and tail wagging vigorously. PLUS, it cleans his stank breath. Double whammy.

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day, ya mushy animals!

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