Don't act like you've never done that.

Valentine’s Day can be a sweet opportunity to remind the people you love that you love them, or it can be a throwaway day where you give people random tiny trinkets that they don’t really want. The trick to getting people gifts they won’t immediately throw in the trash is to buy them things they’ll actually USE.

I’m good at this, because I hate getting stuff that will just live on my shelf and collect dust, OR inevitably throw into the trash can after I overcome my guilt for doing so, so I don’t want to impose that same trash onto them. Take note of things they mention they like, or things you know they need but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Here’s some inspiration to get the ball rolling for you this V-Day.



A (really nice) candle

You really can’t go wrong. Here’s a hint: if she likes candles, she probably still has one that she hasn’t thrown out yet, even though it’s past its prime. She’s clinging onto it for one last burn. Check that one out and get her a candle that’s similar or the same. You’ll need to figure out if she’s into musky fragrances or if she is a fruity candle lover. Does she like the ambiance and appearance?

Leather jacket

Clothes or Lingerie (possibly that she picked out)

February is a perfect year for practical clothing, like a sweet leather jacket or a favorite pair of everyday black pants. Then obviously if you want to spruce things up, a hot lingerie set would be much appreciated.

Skincare/Makeup Products

Let’s face it, looking good costs money. (See what I did there? Cool.) Check to see if she’s out of her favorite skincare products and get her some more! Think moisturizers, makeup removers, lip serums, etc. Anything in her toiletry/makeup bag that you’ve seen her whip out when she’s getting ready. She will thank you for it because not only is it thoughtful, but it’s one less thing for her to do on her “to-do” list.




There are a lot of smells out there, and not all of them are pleasant. Pick out a sexy smell for your boo and give it to him for Valentine’s Day. He will thank you because he knows you like it and he didn’t have to go through the trouble of picking it out himself.

Messenger Bags

Every guy needs a stylish, quality messenger bag for his computer, paperwork, or even for a weekend getaway. It’s something they don’t always realize they want, but something they desperately need.

The Art of Shaving

Nothing says “I love you,” more than buying them an A-list shaving kit like The Art of Shaving, Sandalwood. Even if your dude sports a beard, he still probably grooms a little. This helps with ingrown hairs, razor burn, cuts, and bonus, it smells wonderful. Trust me, they won’t take this kind of stuff back.

Hope that helps! Good luck, happy shopping, and happy chocolate eating.

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