No sweat!

I’ve always been neurotic, but pregnancy is what really did me in. Being 2x responsible for whatever you put into your body, apply to your skin, or inhale walking past the shoe shine place suddenly makes it crazy-clear how much you should be considering these things even when there isn’t a human being growing inside you.

With each pregnancy, my paranoia increased, probably because within that several years-span, more and more scary-sounding words began getting more and more attention: parabens, BPA, BHT, arsenic, etc. By the time I was expecting my third, I had tossed every last plastic storage container, wore only organic lipstick, and resolved to finally find an aluminum-free deodorant.

Guess what? I found an incredible one on the first try—it was Herbal Clear with Swiss Alps Lichen, and it was as good as any I’d ever tried. Free of aluminum, dyes, and alcohol, it worked amazingly well … until three years later, when it suddenly didn’t. Did they change the formula? Was it because I switched to the on-sale Clear Sport version? Did my body just get used to it? We’ll never know.

“I’m embarking on a new quest,” I told my husband in perhaps the most loaded-question/favor ever. “As I test out these natural deodorants, I really need you to tell me if I smell and…” (here it comes) “…I PROMISE I won’t get mad.” We shook on it.

With visions of Burning Man dancing in my head, I decided to try the mysterious “crystal.” The rock itself was just too intimidating, but Crystal Essence Roll-On sounded like a nice compromise. The little pink ribbon on the bottle also made me feel like I was doing something breast cancer-aware.

Because I just can’t help myself, I continued to read upon its “100% natural mineral salt” ingredients that were free of aluminum chlorohydrate, but still made of something called alum, which some lifestyle websites said was better avoided as well. It felt redundant. I moved on.

It was time to get serious. I’d often read about “Martha Stewart’s favorite natural deodorant” by Dr. Hauschka, but $25 always seemed a bit steep. Then again—you get what you pay for, right? The investment was made.

Survey says? Let’s put it this way: I used this one from January through April, stopping only because I wanted to try one more for this post. And the bottle still has about 1/3 left, so buying this twice a year is completely conceivable.

AND THE WINNER IS… clearly, absolutely, Dr. Hauschka, for me. But who knows? My friend swears by a Lavanila Natural Solid that I plan on trying next. Obviously everyone’s body chemistry and preferences are different, so you may not feel the same about any of the above, but I hope this post has inspired you to at least give something greener a try!

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