Yep, that's right. The lob.

If you’ve browsed the internet lately, I’m sure you’re seen photo after photo of the IT Girl Hair Cut. Yes, I’m talking about the lob, the bob, the chop. If you’re like me, you screenshotted photos off of Pinterest and Instagram, and after countless pep-talks in the mirror, you went to your local salon to take the leap. After one year of watching countless YouTube videos, I’ve created easy fool proof ways to rock this new haircut. So put down the hair growth supplements, and walk away from the clip in hair extensions, I’ve done all the digging, tried and failed, and worn a hat to work too many times to count all so you don’t have to.

Salt spray

Option 1: The Natural Route (with Enhancements)

For you lucky people who like the way their hair dries naturally, after your shower to add a bit more texture grab a sea salt or texture spray to liven up your strands. This is an easy way to amp up your look with minimal effort. Most products like these can be used on wet or dry hair. Just be careful to not spray too much when wet to avoid turning your hair into straw. Have more of a curl? Think about adding a curl cream to soften your waves and reduce the frizz.

Hair shield

Option 2: Turn Up the Heat

If you’re not a fan of the way your hair naturally dries like me – I’m an exact replica of either Annie the Orphan or Shirley Temple – grab a heat protectant and let’s get styling.

Invisible oil

Option 2 (Part A): Sleek and Straight

This is my go to option for when I’m racing out the door. It’s quick, it’s easy, and because you already have the trendy haircut, you immediately look polished with just a few steps. Start by sectioning out a small layer at the nape of your neck. Glide your flat iron over the strands, being careful to not clamp one section too long or you might end up like an unfortunate Youtube tutorial. Once you’ve made your way through all layers and settled on a part (I suggest a deep side part or down the middle for this look) finish up with a small amount of shine spray or oil to seal in those flyaways and add a bit more glam.

Thickening cream

Option 2 (Part B): Waves and Bends

To create messy waves, you can use either a curling or flat iron. Curling irons will add more bounce, but requires less skill to master the look. For both options, separate your hair in layers starting at the middle of your head. No need to do the bottom layers or you might end up making the style too full or choppy. For both options if you have thinner hair, or opted for layers instead of a true blunt chop, add in a volumizing cream or spray to the bottom half of your hair to help create a fuller appearance.

If you’re using a wand or curling iron, wrap your hair around the barrel once towards the root of your hair away from your face and hold. Move the barrel down towards the middle and hold, leaving your ends straight. Let go. You’ve created a textured curl without giving yourself ringlets. If you’d like more definition between your curls, alternate the way you way your wrap hair – but always make sure to wrap away from your face when near the front. Finish with rubbing a small amount of pomade in your palms. Scrunch from underneath, and use the remaining product to individually twist your curls to separate your stands preventing them from morphing into the dreaded single curl.

If you’re looking for a little less curl and a bit more bed head, it’s time to try the Insta-Bend. For this, all you need is your flat iron. Take an inch to an inch and a half of hair. Clamp your flat iron and pull down, creating a bend. Do not hold. Pull it down and bend again in the other direction. Depending on the length of your chop, bend the flat iron 2-3 times, stopping before the bottom to leave your ends straight. The key is to always keep your flat iron moving to avoid creases and a crimping effect. Continue making these waves around your head. Finish the look with a light hairspray or texture spray to break up the waves.

Still not loving your cut? It’s ok!’s got you covered with Biotin options to help you grow those inches back. Just remember – regular trims, and weekly hair masks to promote growth.

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