No, beer is not one of the options.

One time my doctor gave me her email address, not knowing the colossal mistake she was making. Before she or I knew it, I was emailing her constantly with questions like “I feel a little dizzy is that normal help omg” and “OK but what COLOR should my moles be at my age????”

She responded to that first email to tell me I need to make sure I’m drinking Water, that dreaded liquid that tastes like nothing when it’s GOOD and bathrooms or metal when it’s bad, which is most of the time. The happy news is this doc gave me the all-clear to drink seltzer in place of straight tap if I really hate water, which was wonderful news for a bubbles addict like me.

So I started drinking a lot of seltzer, which led me to a new realization: carrying 12-packs of seltzer up three flights of stairs every week is a drag. OK so I figured there had to be a better way. I started researching hydration techniques for the water-haters of the world and now I’m going to share them with you.

Filter it

Look, I know. You could’ve thought of this one yourself. But if you had you wouldn’t be here because you’d already be drinking good-tasting water. The thing about filtered water is it actually tastes good, you’ve got quality assurance built in hello, you WATCHED IT filter), and you’ve poured it from a spout, which, for some reason, just makes things taste better somehow. Also, you keep water filters in the fridge, and cold, filtered water is the only kind of water worth drinking. Give yourself this gift.

Flavor it

In college, my roommate and I used to drink gallons of Crystal Light. That was before the days of aspartame fear-mongering, but even still, organic and all-natural is the name of the 2017 game. That’s why I’ve switched to Stur, an all-natural and sugar-free water flavorer for those of you who hate the so-called“flavor” of water.

Sparkle it

The SodaStream is a beautiful revolution. Spare yourself the haul up the stairs with your cases of LaCroix. (Although, you should still also buy LaCroix because it’s amazing.) But if you choose this route, make sure you pair it with one of those water filters. Sparkling water is the best, but not when it’s sparkling bathroom water. Infuse itFresh fruit and herbs can make water not only yummy but classy, too. Cucumber, strawberry, mint and lemon – make use of your garden or your farmers market bounty to punch up your H2O.

Pitcher it

Ice. Fruit. Even straight-up, a pretty pitcher can motivate you to drink water, or anything inside it. Get a lovely one for your desk, coffee table, or bedside. You’ll be surprised how eagerly you’ll drink when water is presented nicely and easy to access. Presentation is everything, as they say.

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