Nature's Variety shares their secrets.

Last month, I did Whole30. In case you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically thirty days of eating fresh and wholesome fruits, vegetables, and proteins. I wanted to make sure I was giving my body the nutrients it needed to help me sleep better and be more active during the day. It was an eye-opening experience. I am now able to recognize the difference between what my body really needs and the crap that I should do without.

And then I got to thinking; why haven’t I ever considered this in the food I feed my dog? He is as much part of my family as my brother and sisters are. And if I care this much about what I am putting in my own body, shouldn’t I care more about what he is eating too?

Nature's Variety

What does nutrition mean for dogs?

Just as I did when I began my own nutrition journey, I started to research dog food; not just the ingredients, but deeper than that. What do our fur pets really need? Are there nutrients I should be looking for? There are so many flavors and kinds of food out there- fresh, frozen, dry, wet. What is really the best for their system?

During one of my late-night googling sessions, I came across this brand, Instinct. One thing led to another, and before you know it, I was deep into watching the videos, reading about the brand and what makes them different.What I learned was this. Loving your dog means feeding them the best, and that includes freeze-dried raw bits. Freeze-dried raw pieces are protein-packed, real meat food, minimally processed, and made with whole-food ingredients.

Nature's Variety

You can’t say no to these benefits

Their food is a combination food, made up of both dry kibble and freeze-dried raw bits for added nutrition. Just like humans, the more we touch and process our food, the less nutritional value it has. While we want it to also taste good, most foods we consume have their highest nutritional content when minimally processed or consumed raw. SURPRISE! The same thing is true for our four-legged friends too!

Healthy skin, shiny coat, strong muscles, healthy teeth and gums. How can we say no to this for our pups? And it’s not just for dogs; cats can join in on this goodness too. Instinct offers multiple recipes to help your pet get the nutrition that is best for them.

Nature's Variety

What to buy, what to buy

Some of their more paw-pular foods include the Raw Boost. No matter what your dog likes, from chicken to rabbit and even duck, there is a flavor packed full of nutrients they are sure to love. So when your pup is staring back up at you with those healthy gums and strong teeth, we know you will love it too! And in case your dog is more of the laggard kind, there are lamb and beef Raw Boost Mixers that you can add to their current food, so they don’t have to miss out on any of the good stuff!

Check out more Instinct foods today!

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