Food is obviously one of them.

My extremely limited knowledge of football begins and ends with the movie Rudy, which—I’m sorry—if  you don’t stop and watch at least the last 20 minutes of every time it’s on TNT, you’re a heartless human being with icy blood coursing through your veins.

But since becoming the wife and mother of fans, I’ve come to realize football season can be a lot of fun—even if you don’t know (or want to know) a damn thing about the game. Even better, the opportunity for spirited togetherness exists a whopping THREE times a week thanks to Sunday football, Monday Night Football, and (did you know there’s a?) Thursday Night Football. And how nice is it that these ready-made “hang times” occur when we need them most: at the height of your Sunday Scaries, capping off a Manic Monday, and when you’re so ready for tomorrow to be Friday?

Here’s are six more reasons to attend a football-themed party, throw a football-themed party…really anything having to do with a football party. Even if you don’t totally get what they’re doing out there.

Blue tent

Get Out

The art of the tailgate: eating and day-drinking outdoors surrounded by delicious smells, rousing music, and autumn splendor. With a decent tent and some pot lucking family and friends, you can enjoy a pop-up party every weekend.

All Bets Are On

Anyone can participate in a football pool (and win money and prizes!), especially if it’s a game like a hundred squares where the numbers are randomly drawn. Not only can you walk away richer than when you started, you’ll instantly get more excited about what’s happening on the field.

Blue chips

Comfort Food Is King

Chili. Mac and cheese. Pulled pork. All your crockpot and chip ‘n dip favorites. If you’re craving something spicy, cheesy, crunchy, or just plain tasty, get thee to a gridiron gathering.

Beer making kit

Raise the Bar

Drink to this: Game Day (or Night) is a good time to test out new craft beers, share your homemade brew, or whip up signature cocktails inspired by team locations (Alabama Slammer), mascots (Bengal Tiger), and colors (Steelers’ Black & Gold Martini).

Red solo cup

For Love of the Games

There’s more than one game in Game Day. From the tailgate to the backyard, engage friends and family, kids and adults in cornholeflip cup, ladder ball, or bowling. If you’re into teachable moments, embrace the opportunity to show kids first-hand the value of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and camaraderie while savoring some family time, too.

Talk the Talk

Life is full of potentially awkward conversational moments: the office watercooler, a job interview, a blind date. Spend enough time around fans and you’re sure to learn something—who knows what kind of doors your newfound football insights may open?

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